Sunday, 17 January 2016

DBA-Hx Battle of Newburn 1640

A return to the sinister world of Pike & Shot, our take on the Battle of Newburn 1640.  Historically a wipe out for the English Army as part of the Bishop Wars. Of course we altered the play balance to make a fight of it.... The historic links below:

DBA Humberside Extensions,with a few nice bits from other rule sets thrown in (Base Width Movements & Attrition Rules).  15 Bases for the Scottish Army & 12 for the woeful English. The Scots have got to cross the River Tyne in two places, Newburn Bridge or Newburn Ford.  The mighty 'Newburn Redoubt' guards the crossing, Cannon & Shot.  Pike, Shot, Dragoons & Knights form the rest led by the Earl of Newcastle.  General Doodle McDougal leads the fearsome Scots.  Highlanders (Warband), Pike, Shot, Cannon & Knights.  An element of 'Border Reivers' (Light Horse) would already be across the River.  Jack took the Scots, yours truly the English.

The battlefield

Scotland Forever!!!

Scottish Cannon fire from Newburn Hall hill.
  The Baggage train in the form of the Whiskey wagon.

English troops heroically defend the Newburn Redoubt

'Load Grapeshot !!!!'

Across the Ford

The Highlanders charge in

Good fire from the Scottish Cannon takes its toll

English Dragoons also take damage from the Scottish Cannon


Fearsome Highlanders charge in, rear rank bonus!

First Blood to the Scots!

However the English Shot force the other Highlander column back

The Earl of Newcastle utters his shrill war cry!

Battlefield overview

English firepower! 

Good PiPs & the Scottish Pike are into the battle!

The English Cavalry charge in but are just short, however the other Englishmen force back the Scots


PiPs are needed for the Scots, as the shooters gaze from the bridge

Scottish Cannon fire is too much for the English Artillery

It's neck & neck as the casualties mount.

The English Dragoons....poor poor poor...

It's touch & go, both sides could win it now

Good PiPs for the English & the Earl of Newcastle charges home!

The Scottish Shot destroy the last defenders of the Redoubt

Victory is close....  Huwaah!

Good PiPs again & the Scottish form another line

At last some of the Scottish Cavalry join the battle! 



HUWAHH! Victory for the English

The most inept elements on the field.
General Doodle McDougal says it all (in gaelic)
The Border Reivers were never moved either...!


Stephen Smith said...

great stuff big fan of ECW and pike and shot in general never played it in DBA, tempting very tempting thanks for posting

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Steve.

I'd picked up some of the Scots Army a few years ago. Spent some time adding to it, then packed it away. Then re-found it a couple of weeks ago & was determined to use it in a game.